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Sheet Music - Full Orchestra

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Full Orchestra - Full Orchestra

Envision: advanced  An exciting and adventurous work for orchestra at an advanced performance level.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $75.00   |   PDF(CD): $70.00
Free Flight: intermediate  An intermediate level work with an intriguing blend of sonorities.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00   |   PDF(CD): $65.00
Inauguration Day: intermediate  This inspiring orchestral work depicts the grandeur of an inauguration from its brilliant sunrise to the majesty of the ceremony.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   PDF(CD): $55.00
Flying: intermediate  This selection is listed in the New York State School Music Association Festival Manual This joyous and radiant work was the 2001 winner of the ASTA/NSOA composition contest. The musical images of effortless soaring are as exhilarating for the audience as
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $68.00
Journey: intermediate  An orchestral work that inspires your imagination.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00   |   PDF(CD): $65.00
Reginhard Variations for Orchestra: intermediate-advanced  An orchestral composition that challenges sections and ensemble alike.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00   |   PDF(CD): $65.00
Joyous Season: intermediate-advanced  This jubilant work for orchestra includes well known favorites of the Christmas and Hanukah Seasons.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $75.00   |   PDF(CD): $70.00
America Trial and Triumph - The Voyage: advanced  Fanfare magazine review by Colin Clark Issue 40:3 Jan/Feb 2017 Reynard Burnsís The Voyage. Described by the liner notes as presenting ďa melting pot of melodic ideas ever present in the American tradition,Ē the musical collage is a skillful compendium of melodies that are part of the American life-blood. Burnsís combinations of themes are meaningfully considered, as in the case of Life Every Voice and We Shall Overcome, or, as inspiration, the combination of America the Beautiful and God Bless America. The Dies irae makes an appearance, too. This is a fascinating, and entertaining, tapestry. The Voyage
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $85.00   |   PDF(CD): $65.00
Carnival for Chamber Orchestra: intermediate-advanced  This orchestral arrangement of the woodwind quintet Carnival, takes on the form of a contemporary concerto grosso. The concertino woodwind quintet and the expanded chamber orchestra provide a modern twist to this Baroque form. The harmonies and lines of the original Carnival are maintained with a few additions in the orchestral parts. This arrangement is well suited for high school.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $60.00   |   PDF(CD): $50.00
Expansion! An Innocent Exploration: advanced  This challenging work by Devin Baronis, truly and expansion into an exciting and demanding musical experience. it is the winner of the 2013 Tennessee Valley Music Festival Young Composerís Forum, an international contest.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00
Light The Torch: advanced  Light The Torch is written as a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen of the CBG Tri-State Chapter TAI. When composed in 2014 this New York City based chapter's members included both pilots and support crew documented official Airmen. Light the Torch opens with the theme of the Fighting 99th. This theme occurs throughout the 5 and 1/2 minute work.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00
Biciclette: intermediate-advanced  Commissioned by the Wisconsin Youth Orchestra for its 50th Anniversary concert, Biciclette presents a musical representation of a bicycle trip through the countryside. Scored for full orchestra, all instrument ranges sit comfortably for advanced middle school, high school players.
Score Preview   |   Audio Preview   |   Hard Copy: $70.00
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