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Music Resources on the Web
  • Classical Music - Provides links to composer history and bios, performers, and music. Download music, find music in various styles, get interesting profiles of composers and performers.
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra - Boston Symphony orchestra website
  • International Society of Bassists - Link to International Society of Bassists website
  • Romantic Movies - provides information about romantic movie soundtracks (listen, purchase, research)
  • Custom Chamber Music - At this site you can tell them what type of chamber music you need,instrumentation, style, title, and they will write it for you.
  • - This link provides detailed listing of sources for music around the world as well as links to orchestras, conservatories, competitions, and a wide assortment of world wide music links:
  • Wind Ensemble Repertoire - A listing of wind ensemble repertoire by title and composer
Links For Midi Files:
Links To Sources For Ethnic Music And Its History:
  • Africlassical - Here you will meet 52 composers, conductors and instrumental performers - Africans, African Americans and Afro-Europeans. Many are alive today, but one lived 500 years ago! These artists are unknown to most of us, yet are so numerous this site can present only a fraction of them. They have made enduring contributions to Classical Music. Several have composed, conducted and performed Classical Music.
  • Composers of African Descent - Presented at the 2012 ASTA Conference, this presentation provides information about and audio samples of the muss of some of the most influential yet forgotten Afro-French, Afro-English, and AFro-American composers.
  • African American Music -
  • - African American Musicians - Provides a resource of African American music, musicians, history
Links To Alternative Styles For Strings:
Additional Music Sites Of Interest:
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